Day 1 - And begins

[fbshare type="button"] [google_plusone size="standard" annotation="none" language="English (UK)"] [tweetmeme style="compact"]'s here.  As my early 2012 started to take shape and this trip started to take form, I was getting excited.  When I have a chance to hop on my bike and ride (especially if it's for a good cause) then you can count me in in a heartbeat...even in the middle of winter.  And so, I've been planning this trip for a few months now.  Looking at routes, looking at weather maps...and talking to anyone I know who's ridden at least half of these roads before.  So, after finishing up a HUGE filming/editing project over January and February, I was taking small moments of free time when them came and put them into making the how and when of the trip a reality.Now, this isn't my first horse race, in fact I did my first big trip a little over 2 years ago when i attempted to ride round trip from Key West to Alaska and back...and well, that ended with a break down in South Dakota...but the rest of that trip is another story.  THIS trip's story is just beginning....and that beginning was today.WHY? The main reason for this trip is that I'm volunteering for the Fuller Center for Housing's Bike Adventure - Spring Ride.  I'm heading up the PR/social media/multimedia for this event, and simply put, I am honored to be a part of it.  The Fuller Center was founded by Millard Fuller (he's the same dude who founded Habitat for Humanity) and now this awesome little organization is his continuing legacy now that he has passed on to the next realm.  I could on about the vital work the Fuller Center is doing...but read up on it on their website, they can say so much more eloquently than I.WHEN...and so 8 days from now (fingers AND toes crossed) I'll be happily riding into Nashville and ready to meet up with the riding team.  Plus, I'm looking forward to catching up with some old friends (one owns the best coffee shop in the mid-south, one is a top notch boxing coach, another a top touring country musician, and yet another one of the best soul voices in town) but all of that on another will have to wait  :-)  But, in order to get there, I know I'll have to be navigating crazy father winter who is still hanging on with his icy cold fingers.  Today was no exception....I've been watching the Snoqualmie pass over the last week...each day seeming worse than the other.  And so today, as I bravely threw my leg over the bike to begin the journey...I was secretly hoping that when I got off the bike, it would be in a similarly civilized fashion.  20 miles....30miles....45 miles and I'm in the far so good.  A little chilly...snow on the mountains...but the road is in good condition...10 more miles...I can feel it getting colder...the road is completely wet careful!...the temps are low enough for black ice....but still making good time...doing about 60mph.  Getting closer to the summit...I remember this being the worst part last time...snowing now, but it's not laying on the road!...whew...breathe.  Well, the signs for chains and snow tires weren't flashing...and it turned out that the worst was yesterday...and today was smooth (albeit chilly) sailing straight through with no problems...what a relief!I got into my friend's family's house in Yakima right around 7pm, so there wasn't too much riding in the dark (which I try to avoid if at all possible).  It was a nice night of catching up on old times and gossip (Theresa and I worked together 4 out of the 6 years I was in the circus, annnnd she was my backup barista at Circus Coffee!)  So, all in all a good time, but I was fading from the measly 3 hours of sleep I got the night before.  So, it was off to bed and ready to tackle what lies ahead on day 2.....this is going to be good