I was born and raised in a little farm town situated in the thumb of Michigan. Fast forward to a career of music, I fell in love with coffee & motorcycles while I was touring with Ringling Bros.& Barnum and Bailey circus as a trumpet player. In my spare time, you would find me searching out every cafe I could find via the back of his trusty Ducati (first a Monster, then a Multistrada) and thus, 6 years and 600 cafes later, a passion and a podcast turned into roasting in an RV and brewing for his fellow performers backstage at a little nomadic coffee stand fondly named Circus Coffee. As touring waned, photography and ultimately content creation (with a social media slant) was the next logical progression and has resulted in working on a vast variety of exciting projects, including the website that you're reading this on now. The internet has allowed me to share my adventures in the hopes that someone, somewhere might be a little inspired to travel, see, and do more and maybe, just maybe throw a leg over a motorcycle and see some the world for themselves.