Day 5 - chasing the moon

So here's a snapshot. I spent most of the morning at my old circus buddy's house getting caught up on pic, dealing with DNS issues on my web servers, AND starting to field PR calls about the Fuller Center Bike Adventure coming up...all in all a busy morning! Plus, with the road turning to ice in this elevation very shortly after sun down last night, I figured it would be a good idea to wait until mid-day to attempt to cross my highest point on this trip...Vail Pass at 10,662ft. So, tonight I've landed on my feet again here at a friend's house in Devner. As for pics, #1 is from a rest stop pull off near Frisco, CO, do you see the moon?! I was watching it pop above the canyon walls as I swooped along the colorado river on Rt 70 #2-one more from amazing yesterday #3- listening to blue grass band Hot Buttered Rum...first blue grass show I've been to with LASERS!