Day 8 - somebody get me a snorkle

Well...this was one of the hardest days in a loooooong time. Up to this point I rode in snow and very cold temps...but 3 hours in heavy winter rain and wind, well, it seems there's no gear that can stand up to that. In fact, the only stuff that stayed dry was in my side cases and SealLine bags (which are made for river rafting). I left Evansville in the afternoon after I visited one of my old school colleagues (I taught public school for a year) and then departed for Nashville. I stopped in Owensboro, KY on my way (to pay homage to #69 Niky Hayden's hometown...the lady at the tourism center even knew who he was and said the Haydens are very down to earth people in that community) and then continued on to Nashville. It ended up getting dark about 40 miles outside of Nashville and that was pretty much it for visibility...I had rainx and non-fog stuff on my faceshield, but in the end it didn't really work, and every few seconds I had to put my wet glove up and wipe the inside off. I Just ended up planting myself behind a semi and hoped that there wasn't any road debris that would cause me to go down...and add to that a 39F temp and the fact that I'm now officially can guess how I felt