Days 19, 20

And so, on a whim I decided I needed to visit New Orleans...I mean really, when you're only 3 hours away, how could I saw no to all of the music and crawfish that were waiting for me there?! So, I called up an old friend (who has one of the most amazing apartments I've ever been in) and ended having a few days to recharge and enjoy the things I like best about a musician, I've always felt this city has a soul unlike any other...not just in the USA, but the world...the city literally oozes music, everywhere you go, there's just some melody and always somebody dancing. Plus, an upside of visiting Nola was that I could swing by the quality guys at Transportation Revolution and have the oil changed as well as the chain tidied up (I had forgotten to bring a wrench to loosen the bolts to be able to tighten the chain myself...ah well) So, they took care of things in swift order and I got to have a swell motochat with Max, a Nola boy through and through. Plus, I randomly got to meet this guy walking across america and ended up doing a shoot for him and his website, but more on that in the next post.