Episode #25 & #26 - Austin Vince Parts 1&2

Part 1

There are very few people that I would consider a motorcycle hero of mine, but Austin Vince is one of those people. Austin has traversed the world via motorcycle multiple times which resulted in moto movies that are now classics. This week is part 1 of 2 of my chat with the inimitable Austin Vince, huzzah!If you would like to leave me a short story of your own call the storyline at +1.406.578.4441

Check out Austin's movies, click below:

and check out the Adventure Travel Film Festival that he and his wife Lois are putting on now click below:

Part 2

This week is Part 2 of my chat with the one and only Austin Vince (or the Godfather of Motorcycle Cinema as I like to call him). He tells about how motorcycles have impacted his life and how important it is for people to travel, especially in places that are outside of their comfort zone.

Check his Mondo Sahara adventure that he talks about:

mondo sahara austin vince

mondo sahara austin vince

Check out this cool clip from his adventure!!