Day 26

This was a solid 560 mile started out early in Tucumcari NM as I left my awesome Rt66 hotel and proceeded north across the desert to Las Vegas NM and eventually Taos. The good thing about there being nothing around is that you can make time...over this trip I've come to find that my stately Multistrada is quite comfortable cruising in 5th gear at 90mph....So, I stopped for a quick espresso at one of my favorite coffee places right downtown Taos, had a good chat with a guy who had done some motorbike trips to southern California, and then hopped on the bike to continue (was hoping to make it into Moab by dark) Kept making good time except for all the little towns where it goes down to 35mph, and sometimes even that speed, I might as well get off the bike and walk! I took a wrong turn at one point and ended in Dolores Colorado...hence the weird train thing/creature pic. I hit Monticello UT about sunset, so my last 50 mins or so was in the dark...I hate riding in the dark...the only thing I can do is pray and hope my loud pipes make the deer run the OTHER way. Next up...Moab!