Days 24, 25

So, after the recommendation from fellow Ducati Multistrada rider Tom in Dallas, I was aiming to stay at one of the vintage hotels in Tucumcari, NM. After a little bit of internet research I decided on the Blue Swallow Hotel, and what a delightful place it turned out to be. Immediately when I checked in, the owners made me feel at home, and it turned out that the two bikes parked out front were they definitely understand the call of the road. When I got into my room, it was a quintessential slice of Rt 66 history...many of the fixtures were the original ones from when the place was built in the 30's (considering I carry around a 1960's Polaroid Land Camera, this was right up my alley!). The current owners are originally from Michigan (like me!) and had just purchased the place last year and are in the midst of restoring all of the neon and fixing up the place to its original glory. In fact, many of the rooms have their own garage! My little garage was fitting as it was painted with the scenes from Easy Rider. I had only planned on spending 1 day here, but seeing as it was a comfortable and you could feel the history in the air, I decided to take a rest day and work on photos, blogs, and some videos for was a good 2 days and I have to say, the romance of Rt66 has lured me's not a matter of if, but when I will ride the whole, on to Moab